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Vertical Video Support On YouTube For iOS Finally Here

The owners of Android devices have been able to properly view vertical videos for more than two years, but for Apple users, it was a different story. Instead of getting the ...

Weird Sounds Coming From Your Speakers? Could Be A Hacker

Have you been hearing strange, otherworldly sounds on your Bose or Sonos speakers? If so, rest assured that your speakers aren't haunted. They've likely been hijacked by hackers. Researchers at Trend Micro ...

Common Sense Security Can Be Affordable!

Common Sense Security Can Be Affordable! I have often been asked “Why does Securing my Company’s network cost so much”?   Well, I believe not securing your network will cost you even more.  But I do understand my clients concerns as ...

Sound Waves May Be Used In Future Hard Drive Attacks

Another week, another attack vector, and this one deserves extra points for creativity. New research has proved the viability of using something as simple and innocuous as sound waves to disrupt the ...

Nvidia Dropping Driver Support For Older Operating Systems

AMD long ago dropped support of 32-bit operating systems, and now, Nvidia is following suit. The long-anticipated move by the company will mean the end of driver support for the 32-bit builds ...

Microsoft May Remove Windows Paint From Operating System

"Paint" is one step closer to being a thing of the past. In May of this year, Microsoft caught a surprising amount of flak when they announced that the venerable app, which ...

Chrome OS To Get App Multitasking Soon

Chromebooks have brought Android apps to a much wider market, making them accessible to virtually everyone, but the Chrome OS has always lagged behind other platforms developmentally. One of its most serious ...

Virus Spread Through Facebook Messenger Mines For Cryptocurrency

Facebook scams are fairly common occurrences, owing to the sheer size of the platform's user base. It's no surprise that there's a new one making the rounds that you should be ...

Major Security Flaw Discovered In Intel Processors

There's some bad news if you own a computer driven by an Intel processor.  Recently, a dangerous, catastrophic security flaw has been discovered in Intel's X86-64 architecture that allows hackers to ...

Reliable Business Solutions Named 2018 Partner of the Year!

Reliable Business Solutions Named 2018 Partner of the Year by Calyptix Security! FORT LORAMIE, Ohio - Jan. 10, 2018 - Reliable Business Solutions, an information technology integrator and managed services provider for small and medium businesses, today announced it has ...


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