NOW HIRING: Full Time Senior Computer Network Technician / Engineer

Daily duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Interfacing with business clients in person and on the telephone on a daily basis
  • Working inside of several company specific software applications  on a daily basis
  • Working with internal technical support department coworkers
  • Remote connecting to client PCs and server computers to troubleshoot and fix problems / issues
  • Working onsite at client locations on PC problems / issues
  • Installing new desktop / laptop PCs onsite at client locations
  • Installing / Configuring / Upgrading / Administering new client server computer environments
  • Working with new and existing business and commercial network routers / switches / wireless networking hardware  
  • Working with new and existing MS Windows Server / MS Exchange Server / MS SQL Server / MS Hyper-V Server environments
  • Working with a very wide variety of client software applications and software manufacturer technical support departments
  • Remotely managing and monitoring client network hardware / software / servers / PC environments on a daily basis
  • Remotely managing and monitoring client server computer data backups / network security / data security on a daily basis

Required skills:

  • Computer hardware proficiency
  • Computer software proficiency
  • Microsoft Windows software proficiency
  • Microsoft Office software proficiency
  • Microsoft Windows Server / SQL Server / Exchange Server / Hyper-V Server proficiency
  • Network and data security hardware / software proficiency
  • Server data backups management proficiency
  • Real world knowledge and work experience regarding network routing / switching / wireless / server / security / backup technologies
  • Communications skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management skills
  • People skills
  • Telephone skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Positive attitude!

Education required:

  • High school diploma
  • Valid and current Ohio driver’s license
  • Applicable real world work / job experience

Company benefits include:

  • Company matching retirement plan
  • Paid company health insurance
  • Paid company dental insurance
  • Paid company vision insurance
  • Paid company life insurance
  • Paid company vacation time
  • Flexible and friendly work environment
  • Highly competitive company wages
  • Company supplied laptop PC
  • Company supplied cell phone
  • Full time salary position

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