Preserve, Prolong, and Protect the lifespan of your company’s computers through remote preventative system maintenance! The benefits of being a Reliable Business Solutions managed services customer are actually quite numerous:

  • FREE computer anti-virus software license
  • Reduced hourly rates for onsite and remote support.
  • Automatic download and installation of all current MS Windows updates and software upgrades to ensure peak operating system software performance.
  • Automatic download and installation of all current anti-virus and anti-spyware program updates and upgrades to ensure that the software is completely up to date.
  • Automatic purging and removal of all MS Windows temporary files, temporary internet files, and internet cookies to remove any and all unwanted and unneeded system files.
  • Automatic scanning of hard drives for removal of any and all possible PC viruses, pests, bugs, spyware, adware, malware, keyboard loggers, tracking software, etc.
  • Automatic computer reboots to ensure that all of the new system and process changes take effect without any problems or interruptions of any kind.
  • On demand hard drive defragmentation, disk check, and disk cleanup of all hard drives to optimize hard drive performance and locate possible hard drive unavailability and space constraint problems.
  • Review of computer system error logs, and MS Windows event viewer service, for possible malfunctions, critical errors and stopped processes.
  • Review of the current size of the MS Exchange Server database to verify the system integrity.
  • A documented and detailed asset report of all network hardware and software products.
  • Monthly executive reports that show exactly what was all done the previous month.
  • Monthly billing means no long term contract